Prepared and Capable.


Better performance through the personal responsibility mindset. Safety, capability and reliability are enhanced when employees choose preparedness.


Preparation and focus drive capability. The safe operation of equipment and vehicles, clear communication and critical incident response rely on the capability of your people.


When leaders and employees are prepared and capable, safety is enhanced, productivity increases, efficiency improves, equipment life is extended and there is an improved sense of employee ownership.


If you are operating in Canada’s wilderness, you have assumed significant responsibilities:


Your role in the safety of your people


Your impact on the planet


Your methods of generating a productive bottom line

In other words, your responsibilities fall into 3 major categories: People, Planet and Profit.  

Decades of lived wilderness experience has equipped RCM’s Team with advanced backcountry acumen which we’ve systematised to share with our clients – the organisations driven to exceed minimum safety and stewardship standards while generating a healthy bottom line.

At our core, RCM is a readiness company. We define readiness as the condition of being prepared and capable to act or respond as required. Our consultancy and training solutions focus primarily on how your people (leadership, managers & supervisors and front-line employees) succeed in an often-adverse Canadian backcountry.

In each engagement, we leverage the experience and insights of your team to develop and deliver customised content to your people. Working with your leaders, we identify and resolve gaps in your policies, procedures and potential to perform.

RCM’s niche is to equip our clients with the tools (mindset and skillset) to better meet their individual and collective responsibilities when it matters most. At RCM Readiness, we believe that Responsibility, Commitment and Mastery are the path to a healthier company for you and for your employees.

Advanced training for teams working in backcountry operations. Areas of training may include:

  • Trip Planning
  • Backcountry Navigation
  • Motorized Vehicles
  • Off Highway Driving
  • Packing & Preparation
  • Critical Incidents
  • Health & Safety
  • Communication Devices
  • Workplace Survival
  • Wildlife Mitigation
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RCM Readiness specialises in mindset and skillset training for teams getting to and working in backcountry operations. RCM’s coaching and consulting services enable our clients to enhance workplace safety, increase productivity and mitigate risk by helping their employees to “level-up” their mindset and skillset.

Working with private, public and non-profit employers focusing primarily on the natural resources and eco-tourism industries, we coach the mindset of personal responsibility as it relates to situational awareness and skill development. Our coaching method and delivery better equips individuals/team readiness in responding to Critical Incidents (CI).

Critical incidents happen. RCM Readiness helps our clients to reduce CI occurrences while leveling up the confidence and composure of their team members so that CI response improves leading to better outcomes.

RCM Readiness's Values





RCM Readiness is based out of the geographical centre of British Columbia – Vanderhoof, BC. With our mobile training unit we’re able to service the needs of clients throughout the province and bring our skill-based training programs to your worksite.

Contact us for a free consultation and needs analysis to determine the most effective training program for your teams.